Saturday, December 22, 2012

Delayed Update

Sorry for the delay in updating this.  The last couple of months have been super busy.  I may be missing some details of the repair here.  The contractor doing the repairs this time was different than the original contractor (due to scheduling issues and delays).

The leak is fixed.  December 3rd they came and tore down all the old stone on the whole front section and exposed the OSB.  It was a little wet in spots, so they let it dry out before putting up the new protective under layers.  They noticed the caulking around the window wasn't done well and the original subcontractor was supposed to have used 60 minute paper, but used a lesser strength.

To fix it, they put up ice/water guard, like what goes on the roof.  It's tar paper with an extra waterproof membrane.  Then on top of that, they put 60 minute paper.  It's supposed to hold water back for 60 minutes.  I think the Tyvek may be the first layer on the OSB. 

Then on December 5, the stone went up.  They ordered all new stone and did not reuse the original.  I'm guessing it would've been too difficult to remove it without breaking it and dealing with the old mortar.

I don't have pictures of it done, but it pretty much looks the same as it did before.

They also re-did the interior drywall, trim, and paint the following week.
Our customer care tech, J, has been outstanding throughout this process.  He has kept us up to date on everything and was always responsive to our questions and concerns.  I think Wayne Homes is lucky to have him as an employee.  As unfortunate as it may be, it's rare these days that a company has awesome customer service 100% of the time, but Wayne Homes excels in customer service in our experiences.
As always, I'll continue to update the blog if anything else happens.


  1. Are you still happy with your home and dealing with Wayne Homes? My fiance and I are considering them. We would be working with the Greensburg, Pa office though. I've been reading a lot of negative reviews, its hard to come by positive ones. Which is understandable...if there is a problem, people are going to tell others about it.



    1. Yes, we still are very happy with everything. There are probably at least 5-6 WH blogs out now. A lot of them are linked in the comments sections of others. You're right, it's more common to find negative reviews than positive on any product online.

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated Tara. I am still in the early stages and just waiting on the bank for us to break ground! I believe we are working with the same "J" you speak of and he has been awesome so far. I too was worried about negative reviews, but so far, so good!