Saturday, March 24, 2012


After searching online for Wayne Homes Reviews and finding Brent's, we wanted to start this blog as another reference for people like us.  We have found his blog very helpful and informative.  He has some good ideas!

Summer 2011 - My husband and I were planning on selling our current house in early 2012.  As we are both meticulous, Type A planners, we started to formulate a plan for our next move.  We knew we wanted a fairly new ranch in a limited location, first floor laundry, basement, at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  We started looking through the MLS for existing homes that met our criteria, just to see what's out there.  Unfortunately after a few months, we still didn't find what we wanted.  We came to the conclusion we'd have to build to get what we wanted.  It seemed like such a daunting task.

My husband started casually gathering information from builders in the area.  He is a teacher and was on summer break, so he had time to do some investigating.  We were in no hurry, as we would have to sell our current home first and find land in a desirable location.  After talking with several builders, he stopped over to the Wayne Homes' Akron office.  Here he met Jenn, who would become our consultant.  He walked through the models.  They had a two story and a split level, neither of which we wanted.  However he took note of the finishes and workmanship.  Both Jenn and Dana were very helpful in explaining the building process from finding land to finding a loan.

Over the next month, we decided we were definitely going to build.  We quickly ruled out that we could not work with an individual builder, we needed to work with a larger company such as Wayne Homes.  There were three builders in our area we considered.  One only built on their land and limited any changes we wanted to make.  We didn't like any of the floor plans of the second builder and they were a bit too pricey for us.  Wayne Home was at the right price, had the perfect floor plans (too many to choose from-more on that later), and they would allow us to make whatever changes we wanted.

To ensure it would fit in our budget with our wants and needs, my husband met with Jenn and got a quote for the Montgomery floor plan.  We were pleased that it was affordable and had all the features we wanted.  Now that we knew we could afford to build and knew we would use Wayne Homes, the search for land started.


  1. Thanks Tara for writting this. It's helpful to see the process before we start!,

  2. Tara Thank you for doing this my Fiancée and I are ready to build. We are in the process of selling our house now and have already bought land. We too are also dealing with Jenn we have had one meeting so far and go back this Saturday. I found Brent’s Blog when we were doing research and now have found yours. I think we will create a blog also for ours. I will continue to follow yours and Brent’s, Hope all goes well. I am a teacher as well and I hope this summer provides me with enough time to get all of this taken care of lol…

  3. Hi Tara,

    Very good detail on the blog and congrats on the new home.

    One word of advice on the window leak - document, document and document. One thing is for sure, Wayne Homes has excellent customer service, but can they fix the problem??

    I am dealing with water coming in my front door and we have been in the house for 4 years now. The siding has been off multiple times along with the decorative side pillars and head board. They just replaced the complete door back in April of this year. And I am not talking about the door slab but the whole door jamb where the sidelights are. The trim has been replaced a few times inside because of the water damage. They were actually just out here looking at again just this past Friday the 21st from all of the rain we had on the Thursday.

    Don't get me wrong, we love our new home and it has been a joy to build with Wayne Homes, but I am starting to get concerned about their ability to fix my leak.

    Until next time,