Friday, March 30, 2012

The Wait Is Over

We accepted the offer on our home Tuesday 2/7/12.  The following weekend, we had an appointment with Jenn just to touch base and review the current plan (it had been scheduled before we got an offer).  With the recent good news, this meeting was now out of necessity, not just for fun.  We informed her of our change in floor plans again and she was great about it.  After all things were added and changed that we wanted, The Litchfield ended up being very close price-wise to the Montgomery and required less structural changes based on our needs & wants.

Wayne Homes has incentive plans that change each month.  The sale at the time of our meeting was for a full basement, fireplace up to $5500, and $5000 in design options for Signature series homes.  We had been stalking their cycle of incentives since July 2011, so we knew this was about as good as it would get.  It would expire in a week though.  We left that meeting with our updated quote and ran the numbers.  We also had to come up with a plan since we would soon be homeless.

We decided to sign the contract with WH to lock in the incentives.  Doing so did not hold us to a timeline or a dig date.  It was Valentine's Day when we signed.  Happy V-Day, honey, you get a garage floor drain (inside joke)!  We put down a $500 deposit and got a wonderfully organized binder with all kinds of instructions and checklists.  I am a sucker for organization, office supplies, and spreadsheets, so this made me giddy.  They also gave us a WH sign to stick in the lot and some flags to mark out the corners of the home.

Over the next 10 days or so, we found a bank who offered an FHA construction loan.  Since we didn't have the land paid off and didn't have 20% for a conventional loan, this was our only option.  Our loan officer this time is great.  He responds, knows his stuff, and is on the ball.

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