Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My husband stopped by after work today around 3:30 and the footers had been poured along with the footer drain.  The footers had cured enough that they could remove the wooden forms that they poured the concrete into. The footers are the concrete base that will hold all the weight of the block and the rest of the house.  The black tubing running along the outside of the footers are the footer drains.  They collect all moisture that might seep down to the base of the basement wall and channel it into the sump pump well (the black circle thing in the corner) inside the basement.  This way it keeps moisture away from getting into the house.

In the next day or two they will drop off the block to start building the basement walls.  Once the footers have cured completely the walls should start going up.


The white pipe is the sewer line

Sump Pump

We're amazed at how quickly things are moving.  The neighbors don't seem to mind much yet.  Although I'm sure they'll be less than happy when the framers start hammering in the early mornings.  That's nothing compared to the two yappy Yorkies they'll be listening to for years to come.

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