Saturday, May 19, 2012

Let's Get It Started

We closed on the loan Tuesday 5/15 and Friday 5/18, the excavator was out to put in the construction driveway and sewer line.  Originally our dig date was supposed to be Monday 5/21, then they changed it to Tuesday 5/22 so the closing paperwork could get through the county (something about the land).  But then they changed it back to Monday again.  Either way, it doesn't matter to us, it means the house is getting started.

During our pre-construction meeting with Doug, he said there'd be plenty of dirt to even out the backyard.  We had some doubts that there would be enough dirt, but looking at the pile just from the driveway, shows that it should be good.

He laid down sandstone for the construction driveway.  It will get packed down tightly during the construction, so it'll be a good base for the concrete when the time comes.

They said it would take 2 days to dig out the basement and the next day they'd have the footers poured.  The block will be delivered by the end of the week.

I will spare you another Carlton gif, instead, here are some actual pictures of progress.

Dylan loves the excavator
 Here is the brand new sewer line where it will attach to the house.

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