Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lot Inspection & Pre-Construction Meeting

Our Lot Inspection and Pre-Construction meeting was scheduled for March 23.  This is a full-day meeting where we pretty much finalized everything with the house.  The day began at 9 am meeting our Field Manager, Doug, at the lot.  Doug was already there and had staked out the location of the house.  We would later have it professional surveyed, as well.  The excavator also showed up at the lot.  We found elevations to set the grade of the house.  The excavator found the tie-in to the sanitary sewer.  We also went over details like well location, electrical and gas info to set up accounts, and a bunch of other stuff I don't remember.  I was talking to the neighbors and taking pictures while my husband and Doug chatted.  This lasted about 2 hours, then we went to grab a quick lunch before heading to the Akron office for the pre-construction portion with Pam.

When we got to the Akron office, Pam had all the CAD drawings for our house with all kinds of details.  We went over location of the well, sewer line, placement of the bathroom rough-in in the basement, and other things I don't remember.  We also made sure the prints reflected our choices (location of garage service door, kitchen cabinets, etc).  We made sure all of the correct PPI numbers were included in the contract.  From here we went back to the showroom and verified the color selections.  Pam made all the changes needed in the contract, and we signed it before we left.  It was finalized!  Yay!

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