Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stubborn Window - Crown Molding Up

It's still leaking.

Wednesday 9/19, J met the stone contractor at the house bright and early.  He took off the row of stone at the top of the window, added the drip edge thingy and some waterproofing stuff and put the stone back up.

Friday 9/21, we did another water test and it was still leaking.  Today, 9/25, J came out again.  He took down the trim from around the window (interior) and the drywall under it.  Then  he did another water test.  It seems the water is coming on each side of the window from about halfway up.  When we did previous water tests, we did spray each side individually and didn't see any water.  Maybe we didn't spray it long enough.

When he took the drywall down, he noticed it wasn't just the right side of the window leaking, it was the left side too.  J is going to schedule the stone guys to come back again and deal with the sides.  Behind the stone is the Tyvek wrap and tar paper, so he's not sure if maybe there's a tear in them or maybe they're not taped up right.


I have confidence that Wayne Homes will get it fixed correctly.  Water leaks can be tricky, I suppose.  I'll get the office unpacked one of these days.  Until then, I'll just close the door.   :)   I'll post another update when I have one.

Today I had the cabinet guy come back and install crown molding along the top edge of the cabinets.  What a difference!  I only wish it wasn't an afterthought.




  1. Looks great Tara! I hope your issue gets fixed soon. Have you had any other problems with Wayne Homes? We signed the papers last week and have our selection meeting next week!


  2. We haven't had any other problems so far. Good luck with your house!

  3. Tara,
    My concern with what I read was about the tyvek or tar paper being ripped as a possible cause for water entry. Water should not be getting behind your stone to even get to that paper. It's purpose is not to stop (liquid) water. It's to act as a vapor barrier - or water in it's gas form (not liquid) from penetrating your OSB sheeting (which will cause it to swell and eventually rot.
    The main thing is to determine how water is getting through the exterior face to even get to the paper! If they don't find it fast, you should request the stone come off completely around the window to determine if any OSB sheeting needs replaced from getting soaked.
    Keep us updated!!