Sunday, September 9, 2012

Window/wall leaking

I think I posted before that at our open house, we noticed the window or wall in the office would leak after a hard soaking rain. They recaulked the exterior and drilled 3 weeping holes in the mortar under the window. (the exterior of that wall is stone).  Well, Friday, we had a lot of rain all night. Saturday morning, we checked it and the floor and baseboard are soaking wet. I cleaned up as much as I could.

I called the Akron office because the customer care center is closed on the weekend.  Someone called back and said they'd get it in the system Monday and would contact our rep.

So I'm fairly certain it's not the window. I suspect it may be a roof issue and the water is dripping down behind the wall and finding its way down a stud.  Otherwise the caulking and drain holes would've fixed it, right?

I'm really hoping they fix it this time. I'm concerned about mold and the carpet and padding being wet. The baseboard is all bubbled up from the moisture.

Sorry no pictures. My desktop won't hook up to the wireless for some reason, so all I have is the iPad.  I'll update after Wayne Homes comes out to fix it this week.

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  1. Tara,
    I was at your open house. Sorry to hear about the leak. Please let us know your experience on how they resolve this. Curious to see if they will replace your carpet and padding also. They certainly should if its been a lot of water coming in. Hope this works out for you quickly.