Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Plan To Fix The Leak

Monday 9/10, I received 2 phone calls about the leak.  One from the contractor who did the stone/siding/roof to schedule a time to come out to the house (9/19). The second was from our Customer Care Technician, we'll call him J.  Wayne Homes assigns each new home owner a CCT to assist with any issues or questions that may arise.

J came out to the house Wednesday 9/12. He realized right away what was causing the leak. Windows that are surrounded by stone are supposed to have a drip edge thingy along the top of the window between the window and the stone. Ours does not have that. Just to confirm his suspicions, J took the garden hose and sprayed that front stone section around the window (avoiding the roof for now). Sure enough, water started coming in the office.

J came inside and pulled back the carpet under the window. It was damp, but not moldy. He used a moisture reading device and poked it into the drywall. The reading was 20 and normal is 7.  J asked us how we preferred to fix the issues. We asked that they replace the drywall, insulation, and baseboard. The carpet was ok but would need restretched.  We were very impressed with his knowledge and attitude and customer service.  He's making sure it's fixed properly and not halfway.

Friday J called me and said he would be meeting a contractor at the house Wednesday 9/19 at 7 am to make sure it's fixed right. They have to remove the row of stone on the top side of the window, then install that drip edge thing, then put the stone back up.  Once all that is dried in a few days, J will come back to the house and do another water test. If that passes, he'll schedule all the other contractors to come fix the interior.

Overall, we're very pleased with Wayne Homes' response to our concerns and eagerness to fix the problem the right way. There doesn't seem to be any cheap band-aid fixes on their agenda.


  1. It's nice to hear WH is on top of it and will fix it. This is my biggest concern as I sign my papers in a few hours!!

    Please keep us updated on how things are going, even months/years from now!

  2. I agree! We start digging in Novemember. Glad to hear they are responding appropriately to the issue! Thanks for updating all of us!