Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Until Next Time...

This will likely be our last post for a while.  We're all moved in, but still have a lot of unpacking to do.  I want to say thanks to all of you for motivating us to keep this up to date.  From seeing the page view stats, I know there are a lot of loyal readers out there.  We hope this blog helped you.  We had a great experience building with Wayne Homes and would recommend them in a heartbeat.  All the employees have been wonderful and the quality of work and materials has been great as well.

If anything happens relevant to the house/warranty/Wayne Homes, I will post an update.  To the right of the screen is a "Follow by Email" field.  If you enter your email address, you'll be sent a note if/when there's a new post.  Also, if you have any questions, post a comment and I'll be notified by email that there's a message.

Now I'll give a quick summary of the last week.

Monday 8/20
The well was chlorinated.  It's basically mixing water and chlorine down the well shaft to kill any bacteria that may be there from the digging process.  It has to sit in the well and house plumbing for 24 hours.  Then we had to run the outside spigot for about 4 hours to get all the chlorine out of the well.  After that, we had to run cold water through all the faucets, showers, etc. for about 4 hours to flush it all out.  This was all in preparation for the county health inspection Tuesday.

Tuesday 8/21
We closed with Doug today.  He gave us shiny new keys and an accordian folder with all the warranty information.  We walked through the house and he went over all the maintenance we need to keep up with, and explained how everything worked (HVAC, shut off valves, etc).

The health inspector came and tested the well water.  Two days later, we got a letter saying it passed.

Wednesday 8/22
The cable, internet, phone, and security system were installed.  My husband also successfully hung the TV above the fireplace without any safety incidents.  Our new couch and kitchen table were also delivered.  I wasn't expecting the couch until after Labor Day, so it was a good surprise.

Thursday 8/23 - MOVING DAY!!
We woke up early and took the dogs to the kennel.  Then we headed over to the storage unit to wait for the movers.  Two Men and a Truck out of Akron did a great job.  They sent 6 men and 2 trucks to move our 10x25 storage unit and the stuff in the apartment.  It took about 2 hours for them to load up all our stuff from the 2 locations.  Then another 3 hours to unload and place everything exactly where we wanted it.  From start to finish, it was about 6 hours billed, which included travel time.  For being paid by the hour, they moved very quickly to get the job done.

Happy Camper

Friday 8/24 
The house number stone was replaced finally.  I think it looks much better now.  The numbers are still a little smaller then I would've liked, but at this point, it's good enough.

Thanks again and good luck to all of you!!

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