Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We're Cool

The air conditioner was installed today and other HVAC stuff was finished.  The electrician couldn't come out today, but will be there Friday.  They have 2 more ceiling fans to install and some other tweaking with the breakers.  And the well guy had to reschedule and will come tomorrow. 

Our old house that we lived in for 9 years didn't have A/C, so this is a welcome sight.

Great Room

Office, Master Bedroom, and Spare Bedroom Fan

The house number block was finally put in today...but it doesn't look right to me.  It looks brown and I thought it was going to be light gray with dark numbers.  Plus the numbers are super small.  You can't really see it driving down the street, which is the whole point, right? 

This was something I ordered directly from the same company who put up the stone, so it wasn't technically through Wayne Homes.  Stupid me, I ASSumed it would be made to match the stone.  But maybe my expectations were too high given we currently still have a brown keystone. However, I called Jenn at the Akron office and she was so helpful and reassuring and is going to talk to Doug and help us figure out what we need to do to get it done right.

If all else fails, the porch posts are large enough I could put black numbers on them.  If I do that, I'd want to replace the brown house number stone with a regular stone.  Thanks, Jenn, for helping!!

Countertops are tomorrow.  And don't forget about the open house this Sunday 8/5!!

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  1. How do you feel about the a/c on a bracket? I have read other blogs where they went with a cement pad because they were worried about noise from the unit when it was running. Have you had any issues? We are still in the planning stages, we will be building next year