Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Specialty Work

The "specialty work" was done today.  This consists of closet shelving, bathroom accessories, and shower door installation.  Some of the shelving looks crooked in the pictures, but it's not really.
My closet

Master Bath Linen Closet

Dylan's Bath

Spare Bedroom

Hall Linen Closet
Master Shower
A contractor from Home Depot came out today to measure all the windows for 2" faux wood blinds.  For a flat fee of $118 labor, they'll install all of them.  That's money well spent as far as I'm concerned.  Good news is that they can mount them inside the trim.  I wasn't sure if it was possible with the Pella Proline windows, but it is.  Now that the measuring is done, we need to go to HD to pick up the blinds and schedule an installation time.

The fireplace guy came back today too.  He put the gravel stuff around the fake logs and installed the glass front and made sure it works correctly.

The electrical inspection was supposed to be today, but it didn't happen.  We also learned the carpet won't be installed until Friday.

Tomorrow the appliances will be delivered and the garage door opener will be installed.


  1. Everything looks lovely! Just love your color choices. You must be eager to move in!!

    1. Thanks, we're very excited to move in! This tiny apartment lost its charm after the first week and we've been here 4.5 months.

  2. Hello. My wife and I were considering Wayne Homes for a house to be built a few years from now and I had two questions and wondering if you could answer them?

    - Are you able to get a price quote from Wayne without committing to anything? We know the plan we want and some options and wanted to know an approx price. Another builder couldn't give us that information unless we committed to signing with them within 90 days. We are about 3-5 years away.

    - Do you know the approx cost for Wayne to finish the basement?

    - How much to have all walls/ceilings be smooth instead of textured?

    I appreciate any help. Thank you.

  3. Hi Brian! In our experience, you definitely can get a quote with no commitment. We did the same thing before we even purchased the land. We wanted to make sure building was in our budget before we made that leap. WH was not a hard sell or pushy at all. We probably had Jenn re-do the quote a dozen times before we even bought land. We were only about 1 year out. The prices wouldn't be locked in for you, but it'd give you a very good estimate.

    I don't know the cost to finish the basement. I'm sure it depends on floor plan and what finishes/elements you want included.

    The smooth ceilings were $0.50/sq ft. The walls will already be smooth.

    Just be upfront and honest with them about your timeframe and they should be able to give you a good idea of the final cost. Don't forget to add in the PPIs, which can be $20-25 thousand depending on a lot of factors. They'll help you estimate those too.

    Good luck!