Thursday, August 2, 2012

Grand Central Station

Today was a very busy day at the house.  I'll break this post down into sections.

The brown keystone was replaced with a gray one this morning.  While the mason was there, my husband talked to him about the number stone.  Doug also talked to him about it.  We expected it to be light gray with dark numbers based on conversations we had with some of the WH people. 

The mason took pictures of the number stone and listened to our concerns with the lack of visibility from the street and the brown color.  While he didn't know for sure how they would fix it, one possibility is a new stone with shallower-drilled numbers.  He said that would help increase the visibility of the number.  Doug is working with the company on a solution.  Thanks, Doug!

The painters were also at the house today finishing the second coat of paint everywhere.  They also painted the front door and sidelights and the garage service door.  I think a third coat may be needed in the main living area.

Tower Industries came in today to install the kitchen and bath countertops.  Dean at Tower Ind was great at explaining our options and helping me pick out colors and the remnant.  The kitchen is Hanstone Quartz in English Toffee with a Silgranit II sink in Anthracite (black).

The bathrooms are also quartz, but I'm not sure of the color name.  I picked a remnant slab big enough to do both bathrooms.

Garden tub ledges

Dylan's bathroom

Close-up of tub ledge
The electrician was back today to install the remaining 2 ceiling fans and finish tweaking some of the switches and breakers.  The doorbell was also installed.  The basement has a good amount of lighting and will be a great place to send Dylan in the winter to play.  He's already calling it the "man cave."
Dylan's space fan

Good Storage Nook
The well company came back today to hook up the well to the electric.  He also tested the water again after draining the tank so we could get a good idea on what type of water softner to get. 

Our water has a significant amount of iron in it, so it needs a stronger water softener.  The one we chose has a larger capacity and runs more efficiently so it can handle the iron without using a lot of salt per month.  The softener will sit right next to the holding tank in this nook in the basement. 

Rough Grade of Yard
The excavator came in to finish the rough grade of the yard.  We will still need our landscaper to de-rock and add additional top soil for the grass.  The rough grade allows water to run away from the house and gives the yard its basic shape.

We also ordered all our appliances tonight, including the new washer and dryer (yay!) to be delivered next Thursday after the flooring is done.  The driveway is now scheduled to be installed 8/13.  The movers are scheduled for 8/23.

I also want to give a shout-out to Doug for sweeping the entire basement and front porch.  Maybe he can come back before we move in instead of hiring a maid service.  ;)

The plumbers will be in tomorrow to finish the plumbing and install the sink faucets.  The water softener will be installed tomorrow too. 

Don't forget about the open house this Sunday 8/5 from 1-4 pm.  Doug will be there to give tips on sweeping techniques.  Jenn will also be there.  Click here to go to the Wayne Homes website with more details.  Look for the "Litchfield Tradition."


  1. What is the name of the color of paint you used for your front door?

    1. It's called Storm Gray. Not sure what brand, but I would guess Glidden or Sherwin Williams. The interior paint is all Glidden.

  2. I will check the paperwork when I get home from work tonight and post a reply.