Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh, S#@$

It comes full circle.  Within the first two weeks of construction, some kids pushed over the porta-john, and now within the last two weeks, it's on its side again.  We can't blame teenagers this time.  Sunday afternoon a gust of wind came through and it fell on the new driveway.  :( 

We have some awesome new neighbors who made a team effort to get it off the concrete, hose it off, and track down our phone number.  Seriously, about 4 different houses were involved.  It makes us feel even better about our neighborhood.

Doug called the company first thing Monday morning to come pick it up, but as of 7:30 pm, it was still laying there.  Ugh, it stinks and needs to go.
scratches :(
The driveway company came back today to cut the expansion joints. 

Close-up of the texture

The painter came back today to do all the touch-up work.  He painted the window trim that was scratched up by the framers.  He also fixed some of the damage and marks that happened since he was there last.
We're still waiting on:
  • The plumber to fix his issues so we can pass inspection.
  • The specialty guy needs to come back and finish a few small things, too (towel ring, tp holder).
  • The stone guys need to come back and caulk the stone/office window and fix the number stone.
Our bank inspection is Thursday, so these guys probably need to show up soon.  Doug is on the case and I know he'll take care of it all.

I did talk to the cabinet guy and he's going to special order the crown molding and scribe for the kitchen cabinets.  Once that is delivered, he'll be back to install it.  This was arranged outside of the Wayne Homes contract since it was an afterthought, so it won't hold up closing.

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  1. This entry cracked me up. Isn't it great knowing you're moving into a friendly neighborhood, though?