Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Finishing Touches

Tuesday 8/14
We passed the plumbing inspection.  The fireplace fan was fixed too.

Wednesday 8/15
The stone guys came and caulked the office window.  The number stone still isn't fixed, though.  I'm waiting on an update to the situation. 

A cleaning crew came to the house today too.  They took all the plastic and labels off all the windows, swept the floors, cleaned the shower surrounds (paint, drywall mud, and putty globs), wiped down the mantle, etc.  It wasn't a deep clean, but was a great start.

Thursday 8/16
The bank inspection and final county inspection (including final HVAC) were done today.  We passed the county inspections and are getting closer to moving in.
The contractor from Home Depot came today to install all 17 blinds.  We picked them up from the store last Saturday, but only after I went to Giant Eagle and got $700 worth of gift cards so I could get a huge discount on gas.  I filled up my car for $0.75/gallon.  And I paid with my rewards credit card, so double bonus! 

The contractor was from CD Michaels and he did an excellent job.  We are impressed. I think the blinds look really good.  It was well worth the $118 to get the windows measured and blinds installed.  It probably saved my marriage ;).  It was hard to get decent pictures, though.  I'll add curtains later, but at least this gives us privacy to be able to move in.

We have our closing with Doug on Tuesday.  Cable, internet, and security system are being installed Wednesday.  The movers are coming Thursday.  I'll try to post an update next week after our closing.


  1. We will have our "Colors" and lot inspection meetings in September. Mark has started a blog, follow us and offer any helpful suggestions as we go.

  2. Excellent blog. I am glad I found it.

    My wife and I are just finishing up the final touches on our quote with Wayne Homes, we plan on beginning to build by November.

    One of the many things I really liked about your house was getting smooth ceilings. We didnt even think of that. Do you know how much the price was for changing from a textured ceiling to smooth ceilings?

    Thanks for the help


    1. I think it was 50 cents a sq. ft.

  3. Tara, thank you so much for this blog! I am starting to build a Jamestown model from Wayne, and your blog is been such a huge help. The pictures are great! Please check my blog out and give any and all advice you may have!!