Monday, June 4, 2012

Damn Kids

Apparently some teenagers decided to tip over the porta john last night.  Damn kids!  Boy, that makes me sound old.

Now for the house progress...

They added gravel and put a black cover over it to keep the dirt out to protect the footer drains.  After this they backfilled with all the dirt from the basement dig out.

When my husband saw all the gravel in the garage, he called Doug to make sure the floor drain wasn't forgotten about.  It will be installed by the plumber later.

No more large hole by the blocks

The dirt piles are gone and we can see the yard now. Yay!

Tomorrow, the excavator is going to finish the grading.  Wednesday, the framing should start.


  1. Did you backfill your foundation around the house and garage with stone or dirt??

    1. Mostly dirt. However we had a few feet of stone first on top of the footer drains.