Wednesday, June 27, 2012 done!

Not much happened today.  The well was finished.  It ended up being about 70 feet deep.  The county health department will test the water and the well company will finish running their lines and electric into the basement early next week.  The next step will be to look into water softeners.
Well is on the left.
They did the above grade waterproofing in the back, which is the only part that will not have stone. In the picture it is the gray stripe between the house wrap and orange foundation isolation. Tomorrow they will begin the siding for the house.  Then, it will really begin to look like the finished product.

The concrete workers came back and removed the last of the forms from the garage and porch slabs.  They also cut the expansion joints into the basement and garage floors.  It really looks good.


  1. I'd love to learn more about the well, water softener, and rural water in general. Do you have a septic system also? If so wher does the water softener water drain?

    1. Hi Sharon. I'm sorry to say, neither one of us know much about the well other than what's in this post. We don't have the softner yet since the electric isn't finished. My husband will be investigating that this week. All I know is that the well was 63 feet deep. We'll probably be doing more water testing to figure out what kind of softner to get. I think it can be pretty technical and we are not going to just grab a softner at the store. We're going to go through either the well company (who also does softners) or another specialized local water softner place. I'll probably include that info on a new post when it happens. We have county sewer, no septic.