Friday, June 15, 2012

Opinions Wanted

What do you think about the tile layout in the foyer?  The surrounding flooring is carpet.  Do you think the tile should be as marked, going to the columns?  Or should we shorten the entryway and make the tile end at the foyer/office wall corner?  I guess I should mention that I'm not even sure that it's an option to make this minor change, but I'm trying to form an opinion here.

The purple lines are where we're thinking about making the end of the tile entryway (if changing it is even an option).  I'm really unsure.

You guys have been very quiet so far and I know you're reading this, so help me out.


  1. You are right I'm sure everyone is reading! My initial thought is the more tile at the entrance for muddy shoes the better. Good luck with which ever way you choose and thanks for all the updates it makes me more and more excited for our build!!

  2. Hehe, yup, we are dedicated readers! I think the longer stretch of tile would look better. It will elongate the space and make it appear even larger. And the muddy shoes point is a good one as well!

  3. I agree with leaving it at the columns. I really like big foyers/entrances. I also don't think carpeting that small extra area would gain you anything.

  4. Thanks for the opinions! We'll leave it as is.