Friday, June 15, 2012

Roof, Fireplace, & Oops!

Thursday, June 14
The shingles were put on the roof Thursday.  Nothing too exciting to report here.  Most of it was done between the hours of 7-10 am.  It probably helped that the felt and ice guard were already done.
Finished Roof!
Friday, June 15
Today the fireplace guy installed the fireplace.  The electrician just needs to wire it and someone else to run the gas line.
The Heatilator...who the heck thinks up these names?
Doug also finished spray painting the details on the subfloor.  It's a good thing he does this, otherwise we may not have caught an error.  In the kitchen, he painted the cabinet and appliance layout.  We thought the space for the fridge looked small and we knew it was supposed to be 39" wide.  My husband took his foot out of his mouth and used it as a measuring tool.  His foot is about a foot (12"), how convenient.  Turns out the doorway into the kitchen is in the wrong spot.  It needs moved about 10 inches towards the great room.  This will make enough space for the fridge.

Standing in breakfast room looking into kitchen

We are having the framing and electrical walk-throughs Monday morning, so we'll address the framing mistake then.  At least it was caught early!  We're also having a security company come out Monday afternoon to give us an estimate on a security system.

And here is our to-do list Doug left posted on the window.  Can you believe that the exterior should be done by the end of the month?

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