Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garage Door, Inspections, & Radon

Wednesday, June 20
The garage door was installed Wednesday.  We don't have an opener yet, but the wiring is all ready for one.  I was excited to get the new kind that you can open and close with your iPhone away from home, but there's a $20/year fee.  I'm too cheap to pay that for just the coolness factor.  So we'll be off to the store this weekend to pick one out.  Any suggestions on brand or type?  Our door is 18x8 (16x7 is standard), so we'll need a bigger HP, I think.

The inspections for the rough electric and the electric trench were Wednesday, also.  I guess there are framing and HVAC inspections coming soon too.

The Wayne Homes' sales managers from all the locations toured through our home today too.  They also toured 2 other homes in progress nearby.  Pictures are on their Facebook page (#19-26). 

Thursday, June 21
Today, we had a radon company come out and install the piping for a mitigation system so it would be hidden in the wall.  At our old house, just a few miles away, our radon levels were very high and we had to install a mitigation system.  There was a big pipe in the garage that went up through the roof.  While we don't know for sure that we'll have radon at this house, chances are we will.  So instead of trying to retro-fit a system, we're being proactive.  We'll have the radon levels tested after we've been moved in for a bit.  If they're high, the company will install a pump to the pipe in the attic.

The pipe on the left is the radon pipe.
The one on the right is the main sewer line.

The small white circle is the end of the radon pipe.
The radon installer also made a comment that in all his commercial and residential experience that it is one of the cleanest job sites he's been on.  I'm sure Dylan's sweeping helped :). 

We had some more visitors from Wayne Homes today.  Doug told us every month or so some of the higher-ups at WH go to job sites to inspect the quality.  If you're reading, we hope you enjoyed it!

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