Monday, July 16, 2012

Catching Up

Last week was mainly the drywall mudding through Saturday, so we saved all the little things that also happened for this post. 

Wednesday night 7/11 around 9:30 pm, I emailed Jenn about the brown keystone.  We were expecting an answer some time Thursday.  Nope, Jenn emailed me back within 10 minutes and was in the process of contacting Todd.  Within 30 minutes, I had another email saying it would be taken care of.  Obviously it wasn't an emergency, but Wayne Homes employees seem to pride themselves on addressing issues as soon as possible.  This has been something we've noticed with every single WH employee.  Doug got back from vacation today and noticed it as well.  He called the masons too, who had also heard from Todd.  Apparently there are only 2 keystone colors--brown and light gray.  Why they chose the brown is beyond all of us.  Regardless, it will be fixed.

Wednesday they also put in the blown-in insulation. Sorry no pictures.

Saturday 7/14, the gas line was trenched and connected to the house.  The main gas line is the only utility that wasn't on our side of the street. The gas company had to go under the street and run a trench to the house and connect it to where the plumber left the connection on the side of the house.  Dominion East Ohio Gas will do this all for free up to 200 feet.

Here are some pictures of the final mudding.  The brown subfloor is now white with all the dust.
Great Room

Breakfast Room

back kitchen wall-hallway to laundry room & Dylan's room


Master bath shower

Today, Monday 7/16, the sanders came in and sanded the joint compound.  They will also clean up everything in preparation for the painter tomorrow.  There's A LOT of drywall dust everywhere and clumps of dropped joint compound on the floor. 

My husband talked to the painter today.  He will be at our house tomorrow.  During our color selection  meeting back in March, I picked Legend Tan to be on all the walls.  The other choices were variations of white or tan.  Wayne Homes said we could work directly with the painter if we wanted different colors anywhere.  Tonight we went to Home Depot since they have Glidden paint and we picked a bunch of color cards.  I'm thinking about the following colors, but not sure.  If you know me, I don't make decisions like this quickly, but I don't have a choice, so wish me luck.  I've got a big stack of cards sitting in front of me right now. 
 Color match of ICI 539 Legend Tan*
Legend Tan

Dolphin Gray for the half bath? It's a grayish purple.

Slate Green for fireplace accent wall or kitchen

Dusty Miller for fireplace accent wall or kitchen
-a tad lighter than Slate Green

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