Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Paint & Storm Sewer Trenching

I picked out the paint colors today.  Are you surprised that it took me less than 24 hours?  I am!  We're keeping the Legend Tan everywhere except the following:
Corn Silk-Kitchen & Breakfast room
Glidden Premium 8 oz. Sea Spray Interior Paint Tester GLB19 D8
Sea Spray-Laundry Room
Dolphin Gray-Half Bath
You can only order this blue color through Target's website.  I bought Dylan new bedding there and this color was on the package as a suggestion.  So I took the label to Home Depot and they color-matched it for me.  I think it turned out a tad lighter, but it'll do.
Benjamin Moore Blue Moon-Dylan's Room
Today the painter did the ceilings and started the tan in a few corners.  The ceilings are looking pretty smooth, but I hope he's planning on doing another coat.  In the kitchen and entryway, you can see the mudding.  He said he'd probably be done by Friday.

The excavator came back today to do the storm sewer trenching.  Most houses have a pipe to connect to out at the street.  But we're special, which translates into expensive.  There is no pipe in front of our house.  We have to tie-in to the back of a catch basin, which is in the next door neighbor's front yard.

The excavator had to rent a saw and drill that could break through the concrete back of the basin and make the connection.  Since this was different then how most storm sewer connections are made, it was not in the original estimate, so this is an additional expense.  It took them about two hours to get the trench dug behind the catch basin since it is near all the buried utility lines and had to be done carefully.  One guy worked on the back of the catch basin.  A second guy spray painted the layout of the storm sewer lines and where each downspout, along with the garage drain and sump pump line would tie in.


  1. For colors how many different colors can be used before it costs more? We just signed contract with Wayne in bg and our land offer was just accepted! I've followed every blog I can find and cant thank you enough for all the posts! They are very helpful and entertainning!

    1. I'm pretty sure only 1 color is included, but I could be wrong. WH said we could work directly with the painter if we wanted different colors somewhere. It's probably cheaper doing it that way then putting it in the contract with WH. Our painter charged $70 for each color/area.

      I'm glad our blog is helpful. When we were looking to build, we couldn't find much info, so we started the blog to hopefully help others like us. Good luck with your new house!!

    2. Thanks Tara! That paint costs seems pretty reasonable

  2. Thanks for the great blog. We're currently building with Waynes Homes also. Painting is coming soon. We were also told $70 per color change, whick I believe is fair. It sounds like i'm going to be charged more for satin paint, because it comes with flat. I noticed you picked egg shell. Was it extra to do your house in egg sheel?

    1. Hi Jim, our whole house is in flat, which was standard. I have to say, I deeply regret not paying extra for satin, especially in the bathrooms. There are watermarks all over the walls by the hand towels and showers. If its not too much extra for a different sheen, I'd suggest you change it at least in the bathrooms. It's probably best to work directly with the painter.

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