Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Paint and Digging

Today, we supplied a painter's assistant.
He was so excited to help paint his bedroom.  After a couple hours, he only had part of that same wall of the closet done, LOL.  It's okay, daddy painted the rest of the room.  The painter did trim the bedroom for them, which was very much appreciated.  Dylan is very anxious to get his new dinosaur room.

The painters got the first coat of Legend Tan on all the walls in the rest of the house.  Tomorrow is the last day for the painters for this first phase.  They'll come back later after the cabinets and trim are in.

The excavators did the storm sewer trenching in the front of the house and on the garage side.  They dug all the trenches this morning, but some storms came through around lunch.  They returned later today and finished it all.  The pipes in the front weren't finished due to the rain delay, so the crew will be back tomorrow to finish. 

Garage Floor drain
The excavators will also probably start the rough grading of the yard tomorrow. We needed a couple truck loads of dirt to do the front yard. Thankfully our development has a big dirt mound in the back from the other home construction projects. Free dirt! We just have to pay for the truck to haul it from around the corner.

Some of the windows' inside edges are banged up.  We think it may be because contractors were using them to move 2x4s and other items in and out of the house.  I have to admit, I am pretty upset about it.  They're brand new windows for a brand new house.  They should be perfect and shiny :).  One window in the sunroom has a gash in it.  The others just have the white paint rubbed off the wood trim.  My husband talked to Doug about it today and he was upset that it happened.  He's going to talk to the contractors and make sure it doesn't happen on other houses.  Then the painter is going to sand and paint them so they look perfect again.  I don't think the one in the sunroom will be 100% fixed, but maybe they can make it less noticable.

We made our fourth trip to Home Depot this week.  The electrician will be in next week, so we had to get the ceiling fans for all the rooms.  We also opted to get our own laundry sink faucet versus buying the one Wayne Homes offered.  I'm surprised the credit card company hasn't marked our account for fraud by now.

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