Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our walls have arrived!

On Tuesday, the drywall was delivered and put in the rooms where they will go.  There are three types of drywall:  ceiling drywall (that is fire-rated), the standard drywall (for most walls) , and mold-resistant greenboard (for around the showers & tubs).  As a reminder, we paid extra to get the greenboard in the bathrooms.  It's not standard. 

They also dropped off all the boxes of joint compound.  We decided to cover the register openings on the floor and tub/shower drains to prevent any drywall dust or joint compound getting into the furnance/AC and causing trouble later.   The drywall installation should happen anyday now.  It was supposed to start today, but they must be running behind from the holiday yesterday.
Mold Defense (bathrooms) & Fire Check (Ceilings)

The well company came back and finished running the wire & water line into the basement.  All we need is to have the electrician & plumber make the final connections and we will have water!

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