Monday, July 9, 2012

Mud and Stone

All the drywall is done except for the garage walls.  I don't think they had enough at the time, but more was delivered today.  According to the neighbors, the 2 man drywall crew was hammering away until 11:30 Saturday night.  At least one neighbor was less than thrilled.  Today, a different guy came to mud the drywall.  It seems he's a 1 man show.  By around 4:45 this afternoon, he had taped and put 1 layer of mud on all the seams.  He was putting up the corner pieces around the house when we got there.  Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Great Room

Looking towards kitchen from great room


Office Closet that could count as a 5th bedroom it's so big

Looking into kitchen from sunroom/breakfast room

Looking into the sunroom/breakfast room from kitchen

Master bath

Laundry/Mud room-it also has a large closet on the right

These pictures are from today.

Kitchen--There's only 1 working electrical outlet in the whole house right now.

I'm really excited that the stone was started today, too!  They're all separate stones, not vaneer sheets.  I was kind of nervous because I had only seen a picture of the stone on another Wayne Homes house.  It came in from Pennsylvania and is called Blue Ridge. 

One thing that we didn't think of until it was almost too late was a stone/concrete with our house number on it.  Thankfully, we thought of it a couple weeks ago and then the stone install was delayed for other reasons.  The same company who is installing the stone is providing the house number stone too.  It was not expensive, but I'm glad we thought of it just in time.  It will go to the right of the front office windows.  You can see the open space for it in one of the pictures below.


Space for the house number to the right of the window

Tomorrow we are meeting with the countertop company to finalize things and line it up so they are installed for the Open House on August 5 (scroll down to "Litchfield Tradition").  We also spoke with the driveway contractor and set up a tentative install date for the week we're supposed to close.

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