Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Paint & Storm Sewer Continued

I took a vacation day from work today and was able to see the contractors in action.  We got there around 9:30 am and the painter already had the first coat on the kitchen and half bath walls and was starting the laundry room.  I have to say, I love the colors and am so glad we made the changes.  The kitchen looks awesome.  I love the dolphin gray so much, I had him paint the inside of my walk-in closet with it, too.  I don't think the pictures show the true colors very well.
Half Bath

Laundry Room

My Closet

This is day 2 of 3 for the excavators.  The trench to catch basin was dug today.  They had to hand-dig past the utility lines.  They ran the storm sewer line pipe from the sunroom down the side of the master bedroom side of the house.  Tomorrow they'll trench and install the pipe in the front of the house and side of the garage.

pipe under the bundle of utility lines


  1. Love the dolphin gray too. I am looking for a gray color for my foyer, kitchen and great room. Does that color have a tan undertone at all, or is it pretty gray? We start our own painting next weekend, so figured i better get started picking colors.

    1. To me, it is more purple/lavender than gray. I don't think it has a tan to it at all. If you're looking for gray, this may not be your color.