Monday, July 30, 2012

The Home Stretch

Nothing happened Friday.  Saturday the painters came and hung the doors back up and installed most of the handles.

Today, the painters trimmed over the white from spraying the trim.  They'll be back Thursday to finish the full second coat on all the walls.

We're estimated to close 8/16, so we will have a lot of things happening quickly here.

Tuesday & Wednesday 7/31 - 8/1: Electrician comes in to install microwave, ceiling fans, outlets, switches, & covers
Wednesday 8/1:  Finish HVAC, well hook-up and test, & final grade of yard?
Thursday 8/2:  Countertops & painter to finish second coat
Friday 8/3:  Finish plumbing & gas meter install

Sunday 8/5OPEN HOUSE 1-4 PM  Please come and say hi!
Monday-Wednesday 8/6-8/8:  Flooring
???:  Cable company to run line underground to the house
Thursday 8/9:  Paint touch up?, garage door opener install?, "specialty work" (we don't know what this is exactly, maybe closet shelving, etc?)

Monday 8/13:  Driveway install (tentative, may try to squeeze this in earlier if it's okay with Doug)
End of the week of 8/13:  Landscaping--finish grade & de-rocking

Thursday 8/16?:  Close, clean, and appliance delivery
Friday 8/17?:  Possible moving day

September:  Hydroseed the lawn

Somewhere in there, I need to schedule to have window blinds measured & installed.  I'm just getting 2" faux wood blinds for every window.  Home Depot will install them all for $118.  I'll work on curtains later. 

We also need to figure out what we're going to do about a water softner.  My husband is going to talk to the well guy on Wednesday.  The security system also needs installed sometime soon.

I'll try to keep the blog updated through all this craziness.

Funny cartoon of a goose giving a loony bird a long list of house cleaning tips

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